The National Appeals Division’s Headquarters Office is located in Alexandria, Virginia with regional offices located in:  Indianapolis, Indiana (Eastern Regional Office); Cordova, Tennessee (Southern Regional Office); and Lakewood, Colorado (Western Regional Office).

NAD's Regions

Organization Chart

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Organizational Roles

The Director is appointed by the Secretary of Agriculture for a six-year term and is eligible for re-appointment. The Director is one of the 20 general officers of the Department that reports directly to the Secretary and by law is free from the direction and control of any other employee of the Department. The Director has complete independence of action with response to determinations to be made in assigned administrative proceedings. The Director is responsible for managing the work assigned to the Division, appoints Administrative Judges (AJ) and other Division employees, issues final determinations as to whether a decision is appealable, reviews AJ determinations, and may reconsider a review determination.

Deputy Director
The Deputy Director is a career civil servant who assists the Director in all aspects of developing, managing and directing a comprehensive appeals program for NAD. The Deputy Director shares in the supervisory authority for setting and implementing the Division’s long-range plans, staffing, budget, and overall administrative objectives. The Deputy Director has been delegated authority by the Director to make final appealability decisions, review determinations, and reconsider review determinations.

Deputy Director for Planning, Training, and Quality Control
The Deputy Director for Planning, Training, and Quality Control is responsible for compliance with the Government Performance and Results Act, including the development of strategic and annual plans and annual performance reports. The Deputy Director also is responsible for Division quality control operations and all training.

Supervisory Appeals Officer
The Supervisory Appeals Officer (SAO) is responsible for supervising and monitoring the review process of appellant cases filed with NAD.  The SAO verifies regulatory and statutory references are accurate, timeframes are met, and review determinations prepared in accordance with Department and Division policies. The SAO supervises the Appeals Officers.

Regional Director
Three Regional Directors oversee a regional staff of Administrative Judges and administrative personnel to ensure that appeals meet statutory and administrative time frames, manage all administrative and operational functions for that region, and provide oversight for the appeal case management process. As Regional Directors, they share the responsibility for accomplishment of the Division’s administrative requirements.

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