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File and Request an Appeal

If you've been turned down for something by an agency, you have the right to file an appeal with the National Appeals Division. You have a right to a hearing before a NAD hearing officer in your state of residence, where you personally appear before the hearing officer to explain your position and present evidence. Or you may request that the hearing be held over the telephone. Or you may request that a NAD hearing officer review the documents in your file, without a personal appearance, to see if the agency decision was correct. The choice is up to you.

You may submit an appeal in writing, or you may Efile an appeal electronically. An appeal in writing must be requested by the participant identified by an Agency in its adverse decision. The appeal must be signed personally by an appellant, but need not be notarized. An appeal in writing should be filed at the appropriate Regional Office.

Appeal Request Form: An appeal request form can be downloaded here.

Representative Authorization Form: If you are a representative filing on behalf of an appellant, you will need to file a written statement that states the participant is appealing a specific adverse decision and that you are authorized to represent the participant. This can also be done by uploading a completed form to your Efile appeal. The authorization form can be downloaded here.

An appeal must be received in the Regional Office no later than 30 calendar days after the participant first received notice of the adverse decision. The appeal should state what agency decision is being appealed and should include, if possible, a copy of the adverse decision and a brief statement of why the decision is wrong. A copy of the appeal request should be sent to the agency.

Appealability Requests: Sometimes an agency may state that an adverse decision is not appealable. In that case, you may ask the NAD Director whether that is true. Simply send a letter to the appropriate NAD regional office, along with a copy of any written adverse determination you received, asking whether you may appeal to NAD. The NAD Director will determine if the adverse decision is a matter of general applicability and not subject to appeal, or adverse to a program participant and thus appealable. If the NAD Director determines that you may appeal, your case will be assigned to a NAD hearing officer. You may also make an appealability request through Efile.

Efile is also now available: Participants and their representatives can now file all NAD appeals electronically through this web site. An appellant sets up a NAD Efile account application and then simply follows the prompts to request an appeal on a new adverse decision or to file the next level of an appeal for an existing case. The NAD Efile application accepts 6 types of NAD Appeals: 1) Appealability; 2) Appeal; 3) Director Review; 4) Reconsideration of Director Review; 5) EAJA; and 6) EAJA Petition for Review. NAD Efile has a comprehensive help menu and many onscreen aids to assist in the NAD Efile process.  Click here to Efile. If you have a question about the NAD Efile process, send an email to nadinfo@usda.gov or contact Tracey LaBarge at (703) 305-1151.



Presentación y solicitud de apelaciones

Si alguna de las agencias lo rechazó por algún motivo, tiene derecho a presentar una apelación ante la National Appeals Division (NAD, División nacional de apelaciones). Tiene derecho a una audiencia ante un funcionario de audiencias de la NAD en el estado en que reside. En esta audiencia, usted comparece ante el funcionario de audiencias con el objetivo de explicar su situación y de presentar pruebas. Otra opción es solicitar que la audiencia se realice de forma telefónica, o bien puede solicitar que un funcionario de audiencias de la NAD revise los documentos de su archivo, sin comparecer, para establecer si la decisión de la agencia es correcta. Usted elige.

Las apelaciones deben presentarse por escrito por los participantes que reciben decisiones adversas. Los apelantes deben firmar personalmente las apelaciones, pero la certificación de un notario no es necesaria. Puede descargar un formulario de solicitud de apelación aquí.

Las apelaciones se deben presentar en la Oficina Regional correspondiente.

La Oficina Regional debe recibir la apelación dentro de los 30 días calendarios posteriores a que el participante haya recibido la notificación de una decisión adversa. La apelación debe detallar la decisión de la agencia que se apela e incluir, si fuera posible, una copia de la decisión adversa y una declaración breve que explique por qué la decisión es errónea. Se debe enviar una copia de la solicitud de apelación a la agencia.

En algunas circunstancias, las agencias pueden declarar que una decisión adversa no es apelable. En ese caso, le puede solicitar al Director de la NAD que confirme la veracidad de esa declaración. Para preguntar si puede apelar ante la NAD, envíe una carta a la oficina regional correspondiente de la NAD junto con una copia de las decisiones adversas que recibió. El Director de la NAD determinará si la decisión adversa es una cuestión de aplicación general y no está sujeta a apelación, o si es una decisión adversa para el participante de un programa y, por lo tanto, está sujeta a apelación. Si el Director de la NAD establece que puede apelar, se asignará su caso a un funcionario de audiencias de la NAD.



Last Modified: 01/24/2013


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